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With our long winter months of darkness and cold, (Temperatures often drop to-65F) it is difficult to imagine anything or any type of vegetable garden being possible. During the months of summer though Alaska makes up for its winter, with many places having 24 hours of daylight at times during the summer. Although the growing season is short the days are long. Cabbages 25 to 36 pounds are possible even larger! Zucchini not seen in stores can be grown, strawberries tender and sweet can be had. Soil preparation is a vital important part of the Alaska Gardening experience. From keeping your soils warm such as in our pages on Alaska Soil Warming, to testing your soil at least once in the fall before the first frost. Now there are several different tests available for this, including taking your soil samples to the University Of Alaska Cooperative Extension; however this can prove very expensive, we recommend the Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Soil Test Kit, this test will help you determine what types of minerals or lack of minerals you have in your soils. We have a chart for vegetables on pH levels and garden soils. A lot of soils in and around the Fairbanks area are a hard clay loam, and very difficult to work with, we are pleased to present a section on Soil Preparation Recommendations. Now that you have tested and prepared your soils, you may want to think about a technique called Raised Bed Gardening. In that section we present to you several examples that we are currently using here at's garden.



Knowing when to start your seedlings or direct seed planting is another vital step in a successful gardening experience in Alaska. Everyone that has gardened in Alaska , will have an estimated time frame to plant of their own, in our plant starting section we provide you with our version that has worked for many years, and still we adjust the start time to start our seedlings based on past experience and estimated weather changes. Planting Schedule 2016


Another vital step is to know which seeds to use in Alaska, you see with a short growing season and long intense sunshine it takes certain varieties of vegetables that will work. Some will bolt or mature to quickly, while others will not have enough time to mature. It takes years of experience to finally figure out what will work and what will not in our seed section we list our recommended seed selections and we include the seeds which we are currently using. Each year we test different seeds or plants to see what the results are and carefully record out results


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